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what is this greg rpg?

Greg is an in-development video game starring this Greg character. Yeah

The premise of the game is that you are trying to kick an "invasive" old woman out of your house. Now you may ask, "why?". I got this idea of visiting one's childhood home and seeing someone else live there from a dream I had, fun fact. The dream also featured Jerma. The game must thus also feature Jerma (but called something stupid, like, Zeremy or something. To avoid copyright). To summarise: I tried to put some elements from my dreams into this game.

The game has been in development since... Uuh, January 2nd, 2023... yep.. Never before have I tried to make this game. Uhuh. It would have been ideal to finish and release it in the first half of 2023. Because after that, UNIVERSITY will be eating my time, probably more than school did before. So, who knows when it will be released... If you knew where its Github repository is, you could play the unfinished indev versions as I push changes.

My favourite part of developing this is making music for it. Who would've known? I have made a bunch already, some as old as before April of 2022, and I am also quite often making new ones. I think it could even be called the one redeeming quality of this game... Nah. Probably not. Unless? 😳

My friends are of big help with making this game. They really seem to quite like it! That is very motivating. And I can't not mention all the ideas and feedback I receive. And playtesting. I always love the playtesting. Thank you, friends! Would not be here this far without you.

I will likely be in UNIVERSITY when you're reading this, which means that the game will likely be more or less on hold. Before all that, I tried keeping up a weekly devlog schedule. That fell off quite quickly... Feel free to read the posted ones to get an outdated fragmentary view on the game's state.

A Tumblör exists for the game also, check it out for its 2 or something whole posts. I don't update it currently, but shall resume shilling when I actually progress.

Until then... Farewell. Good luck.

current progress

weekly devlogs