Devlog 11: 13...19.03.2023

Greetings! First thing this week, I had to recover from the break I took last week. I managed to mess up my digestive system? so I was dizzy and didn't work on the game on Monday. But the dizziness passed!

So, on Tuesday, a room connecting the then-to-be-added lakeside scene to the town scene was added.

Greg in the middle of a road among nature

I do quite like building scenes with the cliffside tileset that I've built. It works quite well...

Also, behold. The saddest skatepark ever.

Greg behind a grey 3D trapezoid

I was going to make more ramps but I'm honestly considering keeping the entire skatepark like this.

Wednesday. The actual lakeside scene was added then.

Greg in front of some water, between 2 fishermen

It's quite unfinished in its current state. I'm thinking about colour correction and more plants to give more of a wet feel to it.

On Thursday, I wrote a post on Tumblr! I'm going to sell my game so hard. Hi, by the way, if you're reading this and came from the Tumblr.

On Friday, I mostly did not work on Greg. But once it turned Saturday (aka 00:00), I did do some stuff. I happened to be in a vc and had some friends help me debug the game. My intro sequence was broken for a while, and we figured out why (I'm silly). So, thank you for the help!

And on Saturday (normal hours), I implemented some user experience näpunäiteid I got from that debugging session. Things like how certain menus shouldn't overlap. Plus some (one) new NPCs that hopefully explain the game mechanics more?

Old man by a ravaged trashcan: 'be attentive, young gentleman, and success will find you.'

(He is talking about searching through trash bins)

This leads us into Sunday. Do you think fish are funny? Because these fish sure are. Sunday saw many improvements to these fish. Technically, weapons can now play their own attack animations, which the fish use. This also improved some other enemies' and weapons' visuals.

And last thing... a minor character, to add atmosphere.

Greg next to a pink haired girl. PHG: 'what a dull day.'

That's the week! Not too shabby at all! I would like to thank my friends for being supportive. And also all the people on Tumblr who liked and hitted that follow button. Here's to a similarily good next week 🥂


You've picked up the pace somewhat. I suppose that is impressive... He he he...