Devlog 12: 20...26.03.2023

A strange week... not in a good way. My productivity dropped A LOT by the end of it. Let's see what I managed...

Monday - playtesting quite a bit. Fixed an annoying bug.

Discovered a bug regarding battle rewards - the xp rewards you get from murdering enemies apparently were kept between battles. This meant that if you got 10 xp in one battle, 20 in another, then those amounts would be added. And you could start getting ridiculous xp amounts from simple enemies. So I fixed that, after a long while of debugging (thank you to Godot debugging tools.).

- what I wrote about it then

Broken fisherman and Sopper

Not fish and fish

More work on the lakeside area this week. Enemies. They are hard to win against, generally.

And then...

Bike ghost

Enjoy a compressed gif of the animations of the Bike Ghost boss. Who is someone you can fight in the game now. Functionally.

And uuh. THat's it. This week... Oh man. I have had... some issues with connecting to my friends in chat this week. Which has not helped motivation. So. Yeah. I'm blaming it on that instead of my own inability to get myself together and motivate myself and


You dropped the pace again. Typical.