Devlog 14: uuuh a lot of time

I'm so sorry! I forgot to update here! My excuses:

So, I've finished the exams. All of them... I have an okay feeling. And this means that I have time for Greg again! Wonderful. Though I did chip away here and there even during the exams season... Just forgot to update here. But I'm back now. Repeating myself. So let's see what I've done...

I've been enjoying writing changelog-ish things lately. Do you mind if I indulge?

... and more stuff that I didn't write here. Thank good for github commit logs! Without them I wouldn't've been able to write this.

But, generally: things are looking good for Greg progress and such. Joyous days inbound. I have also wasted most of my bandwidth for this month so I have nothing else to do other than sit offline and work on Greg, so, uih. That might have something to do with it.

But! Feels good to "be back" on the site. Yeah. Hi. See you next week hopefully.