One year development anniversary

Woohoo! I have been developing this game for over a year now! The development was started on January 2nd, 2023. And there is no end in sight.

...What is that... woah... woah mama...

trello board

An actual organised list of everything I need to finish before I can release the game? At last?

It is true. After months in development, I have done the bare minimum to ensure I can ever actually finish the game. I have made a checklist. And I have been knocking things off it... and adding 2 new things to make up for it each time. But there is a direction. There is an end in sight. There is hope...

I have been fleshing out the whole game in the last few months. There's just more to do, which is crucial for a non-linear RPG such as Greg is.

fun decorations

I have been uploading videos on my Youtube regarding the game. They have gathered some attention over there, which I hope makes some people interested in the game. I've been thinking that it'd be a bit meh if the game was only played by like 4 people, considering I'll have spent way more than a year on it by then.

some people

I have been progressing with Greg way more than what I expected to, before I went to university. It helps that I have the superpower of procrastinating through times when I should be studying. Regarding the actual progress, I'd say I'm about 60% done with the actual game progression. Finishing that should be doable in a few months, I say.

unfinished mining game

Yes, there is still so much to do. I'm not worried, though. I'll finish this game no matter what. And this is where I should thank everyone who has helped me with the game - helping think of ideas, playtesting, drawing pictures of the characters kissing each other - it all has motivated me greatly.

Greg won't be some big hit and that's great. I know that some few people will enjoy or take interest in it, so I'm making this game for them. And myself - mostly still myself, I'd hope.

Thank you for reading. Now I should really go and figure out how to make myself study for the three exams coming up next week.