Devlog 3: 16...22.01.2023

Greetings. Devlog three. Monday. Beta 12. IT FIXED THE CRASH! AHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

Tuesday! 🦗

Wednesday. I decided to start writing down Greg progress daily on this little website that only allows one post per day. I won't link it here yet, but you will find me there easily (my name there is murumart). This is a good idea so that I can note stuff down to write here at the end of the week. I have historically had trouble with that.

My first devlog post there was on Wednesday. I mentioned how I added, uh, room gates. Areas that that change the room, right? Doors. Gates. Portals. Stump. I mean the area



I added milkshake because that's kind of a thing on that website. Yeah. That's the only thing I did that day

Friday. I added the initial battle background system. It looked bad then, but by now I have an animated background going on. It was said that they look "surreal and unnerving".

background behind Bike Ghost

I hadn't considered the "unnerving" aspect at all when making it, but I like the description, to be honest. I will try to keep new backgrounds in line with this. Mhm.

But here's the kicker: Saturday. I spent most of the day being all "teehee" on Discord, but then I decided that I have to fulfill the goal that I had set for myself on the day before, that being finishing an overworld menu for displaying items and party members.

That's it

Well? I went to sleep at 4 am that night. But I did make that menu.

And on Sunday, I polished it a lot more, added functionality for armour and weapons, fixed some issues in battles, made stuff like injuries and mana loss in battles carry over to the overworld, added a new enemy and enemy encounter area tool (ported over from old Greg), and made this cool new track. It received critical acclaim.

Turf enemies

In other news, Godot 4 Beta 14 is out already. They really are pumping these out super fast. And stuff that I notice is wrong gets fixed, usually, too, without me having to do anything about it. Like, I was seriously preparing to file a bug report and everything for that crashing bug I mentioned in the last devlog. A big undertaking for a loser like me! But in the end everything resolved itself without my intervention. Like it usually does. Woop, getting dangerously close there to unleashing my true, oversharing and stupid self. Ha ha! I'm tired I only slept like, what, 6 hours? From 4 am to something like 9. That's under 5 hours oh god.

Ah, thank you for all the attention you've given me, to all those on the website not mentioned earlier. I feel very welcome.

Hm, since I'm not linking to the website now, I'll link to something else. Yeah. This will probably be privated down the line sometime, but it might be interesting to page through right now. In fact, you could test and play the entire "game" right now, by downloading the folder. Don't look at the code though! YOumight die

Okay, I will write no more. Actually, I have to write more elsewhere, but that's digressing. I'm leaving now