Devlog 4: 23...29.01.2023

Greetings. I will now show you what I did to Greg this week, even if it kills me (I will go to sleep late because of this).


Added animations for used items.

Tuesday. I was "preparing" for this chemistry competition, which of course means I can do no other thing. Greg was untouched on Tuesday. Wednesday was the same!

The competition was on Thursday. I was ass at it. Anyway, I started picking Greg up again. I discovered that I could port the old 3.5 shader code from ShaderV into Godot 4 quite well (though on that day I ran into many issues).

Friday was päh. I did not really do anything but stay up until stupid AM and. I don't even remember what I did, man

Saturday was Okay. I did really do other things but stay up until stupid AM and play Minecraft with pals. Added these things:


That's a car. They go vroom vroom, yes? They follow a path consisting of the children of an assigned Node2D and seem to work really well.

And, Sunday...

This is what the cars do. I did not add asphalt roads for the cars today because I suck at time management and motivation. But just so you know, roads exist in MY HEAD and they look AWESOME.

See you next week. May I start writing this earlier then.


Greg dies in a car crash