Devlog 5: 30.01...05.02.2023

Hello! Time for another Sunday recap of progress made on Greg RPG this week.

On monday, I added roads into the overworld tileset. Here...


Plus a "confused" status effect for battles. Basically, a confused enemy will target random battle participants, instead of the one they actually want to. So they might attack a teammate, or use a useful item on the enemy.



Cliffs! To give the illusion of a 3D world. They function as 2 simple terrain (autotile) tilesets.

Wednesday. Most of that day was spent watching an hour-long video of someone playing a certain video game. I plan to use the knowledge I garnered from it in the game, somewhere. Basically, giving reminders of the control scheme is useful. Also, I moved, "character", "item", and "spirit" resources out of these export arrays I was storing them in, into their own folders in the file system.

Thursday. I updated to Godot 4 beta 17 already, can you believe that? Time is flying by fast. Also, on Thursday, one month of developing Greg RPG officially passed. I can scarcely believe it. The pace is actually really slow, but this is to be expected. Anyway, trees:


These sure are... trees... Around this time, I started work on planning out the general layout of the town in which the game takes place. Mhm.


Mail Man



So basically, somewhat of a spree of drawing characters. They are pretty comfortable to draw.


Greg in front of a house

I added house materials to the overworld tileset. This means that I can make houses. This means that I started work on the in-game town map.

And Sunday. Two things:

Dialogue with choices

Way overdue but I can now define branching dialogue paths with these choices. This was needed for this next thing.

Yes, this is a full battle against grass.

Yes, you eat from random greenhouses to replenish your health.

That's how Greg do.

Talk to you again... next week. I'm have a pretty okay feeling about this all.