Devlog 6: 06...12.02.2023

Second week of February, pretty much. Spoiler alert: not as much progress as you'd like. But what I did do... well, see for yourself.

Monday. I made the fences that I added last week use y-sorting.

ysorted fences

That's it! Tuesday! Wednesday! Uh, Thursday... oh... I happened to catch a cold this week. I had no energy to work on the game... Shucks... No fever, thankfully, so I still got to go to school and do my assignments on time. And probably spread the infection...

On Friday I finished the options-pause menu.

Options menu

Not much to say about it other than it's functional! Another menu I added on Friday:

Save menu

The save and load menu. You have three save files! Was not hard to implement that functionality at all.

Saturday! A long day.

Town view from the editor

Some new houses were added into the town.

So, Sunday... a whole new music in the game. Have a listen...

This is the regular overworld theme that will play in the town.

I lied. There is another new music in the game...

The dear friend June made this track for the greenhouses as a sort of guest artist. It's great! I was really bad at coming up with something for that situation.

Greg among trees

I improved the tree system. There is now support for multiple trees, randomising all trees on the map, and the trees just look better.

Also, after a kind suggestion from a friend, I changed how storing battled and defeated characters works.

This is it and everything this week! It could've gone worse, I think, even accounting the cold that I got from somewhere. But I still need to be faster if I intend to finish this in time. Oh well! See you next week again.