Devlog 7: 13...19.02.2023

Greetings! It's a Sunday night once again, and I have returned with news about my Greg game. I don't have much time so let's get straight to business...

Monday. Three new tree types!

Three trees

I have gotten quite confident in my ability to draw trees, I think. And this week sees quite a few additions regarding greenery. I guess I like nature... So pure of me. 💚

Tuesday. I added the death screen, finally.

Death screen. Game over: Your resolve was overcome.

Wednesday. Trash bins!

Trash bin looted, gummy worm found

These have the same purpose as treasure chests in other RPGs. They give items or money (silver in Greg).

I had trouble with doing string formatting in dialogue. I figured out the solution on Thursday. All editable dialogue strings are now stored also in their unedited form.

Friday had a bit more to it.

Main menu

Zeremy: Greg, wake up! as they drive in a car

Greg among nature

As you can see, the main menu was finally added. The second image is a screenshot of the first quarter of the game's intro scene. You can finally see "Zeremy"... He (Jerma) was the one driving the car in my dream. So he is driving Greg into the town in the game.

Third image... Nature. I received very positive feedback on my nature tileset, I'm glad!

This ties in to Saturday...

Greg among nature

I'm using these grass tiles to signify the otherwise invisible "turf" enemy encounter areas. Lot's of grass? Watch your ass.

Greg behind a big building

Greg at a parking lot

Less nature in the following, unfortunately. Some new buildings in the town - among them a depressing Soviet-style housing block and a shop (with a huge parking lot! Yay!). The shop can in fact even be entered...

Greg in the store

A video might be useful here.

So! Shelves have items on them. And then you take those items and go to the cashier to tally them... Just like in real life... This also means you can walk out with those items you didn't pay for. This cashier didn't seem to care too much. But who knows how another cashier could react to this?

Yeah. We've made it to Sunday. A bunch of the dialogue and logic was written today. And also that mysterious other cashier. Uhuh.

So, that was this week. What do the future weeks hold in storekill me? Well, the coming week will be pretty relaxed school-wise. And the week after that will be even more relaxed (no school at all). So if I can keep my motivation going... And not turn on my internet for a bunch of hours... I think a little exported demo might be possible. In the coming two weeks. Featuring most of the town and the store... And the intro. And would also mean a bunch of newly added enemies. Yeah, so don't hold your breath. But the last two days' progress has really hyped me up, motivated me...

See you next Sunday, hopefully with good news!