Devlog 8: 20...27.02.2023

Hi! It is ... Monday Tuesday. I forgot entirely about the weekly update, to be quite honest. But no matter! I can just write it now. Great.

What I did this week... On Monday, I drew some sprites for characters that didn't already have them.


On Tuesday, I started work on some new tilesets. This one, for example, is used inside the house that Greg really wants back to himself I think.

Ugly wallpaper

Wednesday... Some plants.


Fun fact... I was offered a 5 euro Steam gift card after posting these flowers. Thanks...

Thursday... dedicated work on the intro cutscene again. Lasted until Friday, when I did not do any dedicated work on the game.

But Saturday... I discovered the magic of Streaming Your Project on Discord. Apparently it's great for motivation! And super fun as well - friends 👍. I finished the cutscene. On Sunday, actually, since the stream bled long into Sunday. And when I woke up on Sunday, I fixed the cutscene code so it wouldn't be as abhorrent.


Uued ajad! Uued jumalad vaenlased! Thise guys.... oggghhhhh..... New guys, in fact. New guys for Greg to fight. Guy development continued into Monday as well. And now Tuesday.

Lots of work on leveling up (lowolu). It's more functional now. Spirits can be gained by leveling up. And leveling up is a bit more fun now that there's Guys to fight.

I'm forgetting so much of the details but I've been making a LOT of progress lately. I hope I didn't just jinx my motivation with that sentence. Feeling really good about it right now.