Devlog 9: 27.02...05.03.2023

Greetings! Another week of Greg, and what a good one! I am very happy. Let me talk about it!

There will be minigames in the Greg RPG.

Biking Game WIP

This is a screenshot from Tuesday, I think, when the minigame was in its early stages.

Most of the week was spent on working on the biking minigame, actually. Not a lot of screenshots were taken, however, as I streamed a lot of the development on Discord to my friends. This was amazing for motivation. The other half of the motivation was gathered by not turning on the internet for several hours :D !

I decided to try and export a version to my friends for them to test it. And exporting a game is a whole... ordeal. In fact, I had anticipated it and written functions to account for it.

Those functions [mean word] [angry swear] [woah buddy let's calm it down there] my game. Turns out! Godot can still load() something with a .tres extension even when it's actually been renamed to .tres.remap by the engine for . Reasons I guess. So I had to fix that.

And I did manage to get something ready, exported and posted! I had to finish the store's cashier fight, add a new post office building to town, write dialogue for the postman and several other characters, and draw. Draw a lot of pixel art. And I did it!

Greg in the post ofice

The game is a broken mess, as it turns out! Especially on operating systems that aren't Windows! I will now try to fix as much as I can. Did you know? grab_focus() does not work sometimes! Sometimes! Sometimes! Only sometimes! What the fu

So, yeah. That's what I will try to focus on now, Greg-wise. If I can.... school is beginning again, which will eat a lot of time and energy. A lot. Oh man. But I can't do anything but keep trying! I guess! Yep. Cool. I should really go to sleep now.