Eleventh devlog: 20...26.06 2022

Greetings and welcome back to gregdev greglog devlog! This will be another disjointed devlog due to my lack of foresight and in general motivation. It always seems to be like that, when summer break begins...

Uh, this log is going to be short... I will tell you about my life instead! Next devlog I should just go full gamedev youtuber and tell you about how I water my plants and how I eat müsli (from the bag, then drink milk on top). Anyway, I've been waking up early and biking every morning recently, which makes me feel healthy and nice! So procrastinating on working on Greg doesn't make me feel too guilty. For better or for worse.

So, while biking, there's this section of road (it's more like a wide sidewalk? It's called "kergliiklustee". I don't know the english equivalent... Light traffic road??) that is more in the shadow, so snails cross it. And I've been avoiding running over those snails. In a brilliant flash of inspiration, I decided that the next Greg minigame that I work on should be Greg biking on the road and avoiding snails! Awesome idea from me there. SO smart..

Looking back, development on this started on the 24th of june. Right now it's the 26th. Great...

This is the first recording of the. Working bike.

I instantly got sidetracked making a ragdoll to sit on the bike and flop down when you fail. Hehe. At least it's funny...

I am actually really happy with this animation, considering I quite suck at walking animations or similar and have little experience in general... I must thank the awesome Godot animation player system here. Epic! 👍 It was even well recieved by the masses.

Worked on adding the snail enemy obstacles. Also, this explosion effect is totally, uh, global. Meaning I can use it anywhere in the game.

Then I added art to the player character on the bike. I recorded my art process or whatever... I don't really know why. I guess it helped keep me focused. I didnt randomly open youtube while drawing... Anyway:

Here's that video. By the end you can see a fully drawn and animated Greg on that bike... Also pardon the Minecraft music. I was listening to my epic cool C418 playlist.

The last day of the week, I did some more concepty work... I made a theoretical theme for the evil granny character. And I think I finished her design? I'm not quite ready to show that yet, though, I think. But you can listen to the WIP theme here.

This is it for the week! See you in the next one. Cheers mate. Goodbye.

PS SEND HELP!!! ITS LIKE 30 degrees all the time help