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Fourth devlog - 25-04. - 1.05.2022

Greetings again. I welcome you to read this week's Gregress update (Greglog). There has been important progress made during this week, although not as much as I would've liked. Let's begin with the feature list.

(I have neglected to keep a proper log of development, so writing this at the end of the week is annoying as hell.)

the function!!!

I finally, 100%, fixed that function. It works perfectly now. I am very proud of him.

epic grafix

The main buttons on the battle screen have icons now. They're pretty bad! But this is where I say that Greg is supposed to look bad. It's ironic bro. Leave me alone!

dictionary :)

I added the basis for the leveling system for Greg. Leveling up raises stats, but progressively less and less. However, by level 99 your stats will all be also 99. Levels range from 1-99. The screenshot is, um... A screenshot of the current code implementation of this! Yes, this is in Greg's code. Have fun thinking about that at night.

levelup debug display

The first line is the level, the second line shows how likely it is for each stat to increase, the third line shows increases in individual stats and the fourth line showcases stat levels after the increase. Yes.

Fun fact: a thing I've been procrastinating on adding is the ability for enemies to use spells. Well, technically they could use spells if there were any triggers in the code. So I've been procrastinating on adding those triggers.

cool funcion bro

But in preparation I wrote this cool function to sort the spells available to the enemy based on whether the spell heals, hurts, buffs or debuffs its targets.

uncool funcion bor?

Luckily, I realised that I Am Stupid and replaced that with this. Christ, alright.

Remember how in the initial Greg concept I said I didn't want to use any new music made for the game?

Anyway, I made this for use for the first miniboss fight in Greg, the Bike Ghost. Well, actually, while making this I realised this is way too epic for the weenie Bike Ghost, so

I made this instead. Yeah. As my friend eloquently put it: "peom peom oepom peom peiom"


Since Bike ghost is like, kind of important, I decided it needs some cool animations. This is a progress picture from that, uh, animation process

More behind the scenes stuff, I think I'm sticking with the translation system. I think it's in a good place right now, after some improvements (scripts that need translations now do the translating themselves instead of relying on the strings singleton). This all means that Greg is going to be translated! Into estonian during development and into spanish too at some point, I hope.


Here is the initial art of the game over (death) screen. I'm imagining that the picture in the center is different based on where you die.


While developing little displays of enemy health when you hover over them, I ran into an issue regarding yielding for scene-tree timers. The solution? Don't use scene tree timers ever. So I fixed that. Man.

a pure blue line stretches accross the screen.

I did a bit of a stress test. This is 3333 Bike Ghosts loaded into the battle, and the game still runs. It's laggy and it's stuttering like hell, but it runs. So I'm hoping my code isn't too horribly optimised :)

I'm way too lazy to put this photo here, but I drew a bit of a concept regarding possible shopping in Greg: you would have to pick the items up in the store and then go to the cashier, where you pay for them... Or you could steal the items, and based on the current cashier, either get away with it or not.

Once again we end on a video. This week I added the basic system of entering a battle from the overworld and then exiting it, going back to the overworld. This video shows a neat animation I did for when you enter a battle. Yeah!

Thanks for reading the Greglog Gregress update. See you next week. Have a picture of this enemy, suggested by Aiden.

catto cute

Goodbye. ⠀

PS I forgot to showcase the main menu that looks all cool now. Uhmmb. Oh well. I guess you'll never see it. I'm way too lazy to add it in now.