Greetings. Welcome to the Greg.

Greetings. Welcome to the Greg RPG game outline!

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Greg is a video game that I'm currently developing, and have been developing for a little while now (see devlog list). It's an RPG where you play as the titular Greg and get into some shenanigans.

The main story is pulled from a weird dream I had: Greg is visiting his childhood home. Upon getting there, he finds out that the house is taken over by an old woman who is using the property to sell flowers! How evil of her. In the name of justice, Greg sets out on a quest to gather skills and powers and other rpg stuff to be powerful enough to fight her! And kick her out of his house! How noble of him.

As you can see, my characters are MORALLY GREY masterpieces of writing, and my plot covers DEEP THEMES and MORAL QUESTIONS that touch THE SOUL.

Greg gets a ton of inspiration from the RPGs that I've played or interacted with, those being mainly stuff like Undertale and Deltarune and Omori, more recently stuff like Off and I even checked out Lisa and Hylics. I have yet to finish those last two though... Maybe after I finish Greg. Perhaps...

On more technical subjects, I am making the game in the Godot game engine, which I love very much as it allows dolts like me to make video games for free and easily! Progress on the game is generally slow because I love procrastinating on things. If, I mean when I finally release the game, it will be the first proper big-sized game project that I will have completed and released. I'm looking forward to that.

Alan's greg drawing... woah... I initially wanted to make all the art in MS Paint, but I REFUSE to use it to make animation frames, so I use other programs also now. But still, most of the art assets are made in Paint. I initially also wanted to not make any new music for it, but that's gone out of the window too, and a good thing that it did! I love making music and any practise I get in is good...

I write these silly greglogs every week and post them on sundays. I really don't think they go into enough depth, but they're probably a good thing for me to keep writing, if as nothing else then just as a reason to keep coding and stuff.

When will Greg release? I hate giving estimates on such things, because It's unlikely I'll meet my goals. But it will DEFINITELY release in 2023! And preferably in the first half of the year. Feel free to bully me if I don't make it in time.

Well, I think that's all I can tell you about Greg so far... Stay tuned!